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Basic Strategy Effects On House Edge

When endeavoring to learn how to play blackjack beyond the basic mechanics of the game, the novice will always be pointed toward using a valid blackjack basic strategy. We created this page to give a brief description of what happens when a player decides to stray from the basic strategy. The House Edge, or Vigorish, never will swing to the playerís advantage when you modify the basic strategy.

Note: The percentages on this page are approximates. However, the percentages are accurate enough for you to weight the effects of blackjack strategy variations.

Straying From Blackjack Basic Strategy

A blackjack player using basic strategy will have approximately a 0.500% house edge to fight against. Below is a table of the effect of bucking blackjack basic strategy. While some modifications to the strategy will have a small impact on the house edge, others are quite significant. These numbers are only approximations and are meant to give the player a general feel for potential costs of straying from the basic strategy.

Note: A smaller House Edge is more advantageous to the player

Correct Strategy Strategy Variation House Edge(%) Percent Increase(%)
Followed None 0.500% 0%
Stand 16 v 2 Hit 16 v 2 0.607% 21%
Stand 10ís v 6 Split 10ís v 6 0.598% 20%
Double 11 v 10 Hit 11 v 10 0.585% 17%
Hit 16 v 7 Stand 16 v 7 0.568% 14%
Hit 12 v 2 Stand 12 v 2 0.530% 6%
Hit 10 v 10 Double 10 v 10 0.524% 5%
Hit 12 v 3 Stand 12 v 3 0.515% 3%
Double Soft 17 v 6 Stand Soft 17 v 6 0.511% 2%
Hit 11 v Ace Double 11 v Ace 0.505% 1%

Final Thoughts On House Edge And Basic Strategy

A player who casually sits at a blackjack table and plays on hunches or misguided information can easily turn one of the better bets in a casino into a mediocre one. Just looking at the first 5 modifications, or common mistakes, can increase the house edge around 80%. That means for every $10 youíre expected to lose to the house, youíll be losing $18. Thatís your money! Yet day after day, people will enter a casino and sit at the blackjack table without a strong grasp of blackjack basic strategy and pay for it.